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How to DIY a Wine Cooler Cabinet?

The internet is filled with many DIY instructions to guide individuals with less technical expertise. This article provides simple steps to build your own wine cooler cabinet space without the help of a professional.

Steps to take

Fix your Liebherr wine cooler cabinet yourself by following these simple 11 steps;

Step 1: Measure the cabinet dimensions. Measure the alcove and deduct the width of the wine cooler you want to put in. To determine the width of each cabinet, multiply the length by two.

Step 2: Measure the width and depth of the top and bottom. The sides must be 112 inches shorter than the cabinet’s height. Cut the rear piece to fit the finished cabinet’s width and height. Assemble the top and bottom by gluing and nailing them to the sides.

To ensure the box is square, nail and … Read the rest