How to DIY a Wine Cooler Cabinet?

The internet is filled with many DIY instructions to guide individuals with less technical expertise. This article provides simple steps to build your own wine cooler cabinet space without the help of a professional.

Steps to take

Fix your Liebherr wine cooler cabinet yourself by following these simple 11 steps;

Step 1: Measure the cabinet dimensions. Measure the alcove and deduct the width of the wine cooler you want to put in. To determine the width of each cabinet, multiply the length by two.

Step 2: Measure the width and depth of the top and bottom. The sides must be 112 inches shorter than the cabinet’s height. Cut the rear piece to fit the finished cabinet’s width and height. Assemble the top and bottom by gluing and nailing them to the sides.

To ensure the box is square, nail and glue the back on, aligning the side and bottom panels with the back’s edges. Oak 1x2s are used to face the cabinets. Depending on the desired style, butt or mitre the corners of the face frame.

Step 3: Cut a piece of oak 1×6 to fit inside the cabinet’s width for the wine bottle inserts. Draw a line through the 1×6’s center. Cut a series of holes along the centerline with a 4-inch hole saw.

Step 4: After all of the holes have been drilled, use the table saw to cut the board in half. Two identical boards with half-round cutouts for the bottle bottoms should result (the back of the rack).

Step 5: Stain your wine bottle racks and stemware racks to give you a natural and classic look before putting them in the cabinet.

Step 6: Nail your wine bottle and stemware racks with the nail fun and brads. Bear in mind to put enough space on your racks for your bottles and stemware.

Further Steps

Step 7: Install cabinets by screwing through the back of the box to the wall studs. Make sure there’s enough room in the middle for the wine cooler.

Step 8: Let the countertop particle board underlayment be longer than the cabinets by 14 inches. Then you can put the underlayment in place (on top of the cabinet) using nails.

Step 9: You need to circulate thin-set mortar on the underlayment with a notched trowel. To put the tile, you have to start from the centre of the front edge and work outward. You can use the wet tile saw to cut your tile from the side and back.

Step 10: You must follow the manufacturer’s guide on mixing grout before spreading it on the tile using a grout float. After adding the grout to the tile surface, you must scrape it with the group float. Then wipe it down with a wet sponge.

Step 11: Using the nail gun and brad nails, pin bullnose trim pieces together.

Step 12: After nailing your bullnose trim pieces into place, install your wine cooler following the manufacturer’s instructions in the user guide.